Cocaine Routes

An immersive personalised video experience to promote the launch of Narcos: Mexico on Netflix and let people around the world discover how the Cartel of Guadalajara gets a package all the way to your front door.

Still watching?

A film dedicated to all the lovebirds that used the platform to get things heated up: there are moments that can’t wait, Netflix can.

The First Step

A film that follows the journey of two influencers that set off to run their first half marathon.

Twitter FC Museum

An exposition that showcasee d Twitter's highlights through history during the World Cup as pieces of art to demonstratho

El Chapo

Content for El Chapo's social media campaign.


A smartwatch app the combines physical and emotional data to help users detect when they should stop drinking. 

Young Lions Mexico 2015 Cyber Gold

Valentine's Song

A web app designed for all the lovers who wished to send out a special song to their special someone. 

Intimate Words

An effort that set out to empower women  in a Zapotec speaking community in Oaxaca, by creating anatomical words describing female body parts in their language in the hopes of breaking the taboo on sexual education.


A web app that scans face imperfections based on machine learning to empower teenagers on going out no matter how they look - the teen with the most pimples wins the highest prize.


A campaign to launch Google Home in Mexico by showing how the product can adapt to Mexicans' wit; wether it’s answering a national debate around the word “quesadilla” or using it to turn off the TV to win a video game. 

Brandcast Mexico

Creative supervision for Brandcast Mexico 2018's run of show. 

Epic Room

An immersive experience to educate on  Nike's Epic Flyknit sneaker tech.


A film content with an ironic storytelling used to make viewers wonder why they discriminate dark skin, yet always go to the beach to get a tan. 


Young Lions Mexico 2018 Film  Gold


A drone campaign that aimed to get users on UberPool to clean the environment in Mexico’s worst pollution crisis.


A handcrafted direct social media response to celebrate runners and their true motivations behind every run.

The right product

A social media campaign to showcase Saba's new intimate wash collection with a little sense of humour on how the product should be used.

Google for Mexico

Creative supervision for Brandcast Mexico 2018's speech lineup.

Chilangos Unlimited

A special edition running track by Nike in Mexico City's Condesa that aimed to break the limits of the cities condition and create a space where runners could add miles 24/7.


A campaign with tons of discounts and promotions to get people to watch the best of the Awards Season at the movies.