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Advertising (and life) have taught me a whole lot these past 8 years - here are some skills I feel confident in.

Spot the heart.


Out of all the skills listed on this page, this is the one I've worked hardest on to understand and strive to find new perspectives to always deliver something fresh and inclusive.

I see this billion dollar industry as a powerful yet fun playground that can shape society, and I want to be part of the people that explore it responsibly. 



Every brief is an adventure for the geek kid that lives inside of me; the one that played "time machine" growing up with an empty egg carton.


Although I lost my programming skills just when I finished college, I'm glad I still no the basics and can communicate through this language - I will not be the one programming, but I can be that creative that finds solutions through tech.

Some of the ideas that I feel proudest of have never seen the light - like a time converter I imagined could connect people with the planet once they understood the difference of time perception when you're on Instagram vs nature.


I switched to a "digital" agency just in time for the social media boom. 

When I started discovering this whole other world, I panicked, but then got the hang of it and I find it very interesting how agencies mutate as time goes by, it feels good to know how to move around both "traditional" and "digital" advertising.  


Some how I ended up in event planning projects and I've learned a lot on how brands can create wonderful experiences and everything that goes behind every photo opportunity, keynote and invite.  

I've also been part of planning a couple of close weddings and those have been even more challenging...



Every client meet and pitch builds up the Don Draper inside me - or at least that's what I like to think.

I've never been as nervous as the day I presented the Intimate Words project in front of a classroom filled with teachers and students of the UNAM, one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America. 


I'm currently working very hard on sharing my Cannes Lions See It Be It learnings with women around the world through personalised video conferences.

For a while there I thought great advertising needed to be about social work, but I then learned that it can be fun and entertaining too, like in the good ol' days - but inclusive. 

Having Netflix as a client opened my eyes to see advertising's full potential on entertainement. 

I'm in love with what lighting can do and being on set is one of my favourite activities in advertising. 

Last year, it took me on a crazy 4 day shoot in the Amazon Rainforest and I recently discovered that some of the footage for the show's campaign ended up being part of the official trailer.